CSFA Registration for season 2024/25 for competitive age groups from 2012's to 2007's is open, deadline for registration is Tues 30th April 24.

CSFA (Comp) Registration Form - 2024_25 Season.xlsx

SYFA have opened up team registrations early on Mon 1st April as a one-off due to a new IT system being put in place by the SFA in June.

Team registration is available from Mon 1st Apr to Tues 30th April.

All teams who wish to register with CSFA for season 2024/25, please complete the CSFA team registration form and return to email address: csfasec@hotmail.com along with making the league fees payment to the details in the form.

Teams should complete their online SYFA registration selecting Central Scotland Football Association as the league, an online notification will come through to us, the details will be cross checked against the details on the CSFA team 

registration form, online entry will be approved or rejected at league level, if approved this will allow the SYFA to complete their checks before they approve the teams registration.

Once SYFA have approved, player registration as per SYFA Supplementary & Playing Rule No.55, details copied in below.